How often have you looked into a  mirror-like this?

Critical…maybe wishful?

Do you see yourself or someone you don’t recognize?

It took a look in the mirror at age 50 for me to see the hormonal changes in myself.

Hormonal changes and stress may be responsible for how you feel and see yourself. Aging well is something we all want. Start with food and weightloss!

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Have you tried everything, you know –  the simple and easy way to lose weight, to get healthy, to improve your eating habits, to balance your hormones? Did you take the pills, use the powders, the shakes…but it just didn’t work? Do you wish that there was a way to sort out all the “stuff” on the internet?  All the “stuff” your friends tell you? 

Do you just want to eat already? 

Let’s talk about the proven system to take your life and health to the place you desire. What is it you really want? 

Let’s find out!!!


Our discovery meeting is the beginning – the first step to create your healthy changes.

We look at the past, the present and discuss the future you see for yourself on this journey.

Kick the tires, get to know me, ask the tough questions. I look forward to just talking! Time to put yourself on the front burner! We can just dial in or have a video chat…your choice! 


 Starting in your kitchen!  Then we will be moving on to creating a healthy balance in your body.

Eat healthier, move more and lose weight! Join in with the women who’ve lost weight, improved their skin,balanced their blood sugar and reduced feeling overall ‘blah’.

Kick start your weight loss and increase your  energy without starving.  Real Food, Real Results! Click below to find out more and get started!


Make changes that have the potential to impact the rest of your life. The purpose of the program is to move toward a life of authentic joy and fulfillment,without turning your whole  life upside down.

Learn to begin to be kind to yourself!

There will be tears, and pain and a lot of growth. There will be real change and if you put everything into this program that you have –you will graduate in 12 weeks light and free of a lot of burdens.


Are you tired, maybe overweight or underweight, sitting  too much, and feel you’re missing out on a life? Not really quite living? 

Can’t remember the last time you took care of you? Don’t let your resolve to take care of your health take a backburner!

Join us and learn the answers, see that all natural solutions to your problems can be conveniently at your fingertips. Click below to find out more!

What Other People are Saying 


Working with Cheryl I learned – #1- To get on the right track and stay there. I enjoyed being able to talk and share with others in the FB Community. Here’s where I was –  Lost and couldn’t find me way and sometimes I am still lost but I see light ahead. Making some better choices of which paths I chose to follow…the easy one with lots of quick process foods or the one with some thorns and dirt roads I have to work my way through. It might not be the easiest journey but it will be the most rewarding. …and of course I’d refer a friend or two to Cheryl.


Working with Cheryl has been the most useful for me to apply, in comparison to everything else I’ve done in the past 20 years! I have been to a dietitian/nutritionist (about 5 years), tried several MLM and OTC products, and other dietary protocols, but results either made me feel miserable, or did not last. I feel like the things I’ve learned have armed me with tools to sustain a long term lifestyle of better health and awareness of myself. I finally understand what it means to “eat intuitively” and how NOT to make it feel like a diet, but actually a new way of life!


My top three goals beginning a 12 Day Detox with Imagine Fit was to lose weight, feel better, and reduce inflammation. Cheryl -the owner of Imagine Fit – helped me work towards these goals by providing answers and suggestions and encouraging me to make better choices.  The most tangible thing I have noticed is reduced inflammation and knowing what causes it and how to control it.  I also lost 20 pounds!  I found Cheryl to be non-judgmental, helpful and was there when you needed her by text or email.  I would recommend working with Cheryl to anyone who wants to feel better.


Reflux has minimized a lot! I feel comfortable most of the time. Day 6 has come and I can’t believe I haven’t gotten bored or turned off by all the extra work I have to do to eat healthy. the first two days I felt overwhelmed and tired because I had to prepare all my meals for the next day. I felt physically sick for three days, but on Friday and today I noticed: increased energy, I focus better, my skin looks good, and my dark under eye circles are less noticeable. the challenging part for me has been keeping up with the activities, but I’m trying my best. “Yesterday my friend commented on my skin too. She asked me for my dermatologist #. Then I realized that it may be because of the detox !


Bought new clothes today. I have worn 3x for longer than I can remember. Today that size hung on me! Yea! Walked out with all in a size 2x. Did a little dressing room dance! Thanks Cheryl for all of your help. Couldn’t have done it without you. The chat room has been a lot of inspiration.


                            Do it for Yourself!