Feeling a little not like myself!  Love to travel and visit..but you get that little off feeling sometimes.  For my off days I always make sure I have plenty of this on hand.  Go to www.eleviv.com and take the survey.  Let me know your score!

Well hello from SC!  I tried to upload a picture of the snow today!  But I am still learning how to use this iPad!  But it was a very snowy picture.  While we knew where we were going…it was very hard to see the way.  The snow was swirling and there were just a few cars on the road.  There was so much snow at times you couldn’t see very far in front of you!  Have you ever been in a situation like that?  You know where you are going but find it hard to see the way?

I think finding your way back to good health is sometimes like that.  You know where you are going, but it’s hard to see the way.  That’s why it’s so important to know the steps to take.  That’s why I love what I do.  Sometimes it’s easier to see from another vantage point!  And that’s why using the Favao system works so well.  All the steps are there…and I am right there as your trainer to work with you!  Check it out at www.favao.com!

Have to share!  This is another of my tools…to combat aging and age gracefully…in fact slow down the aging process…Yes,Yes!  Take a few minutes and watch this video…let me know what you think?


Tools and tips!

Do you use tools to support your health and fitness ?  I have been using a Fitbit!  Have you ever seen one…I really like having that accountability.  So this morning I could not find my charger.  And we were getting ready to go on a trip and would be gone for 4 days!  I knew my FitBit would run out of Juice by then.  What should I do?  I seriously was upset!  Thankfully I found it.  Now I just have to step it up this week.  Being in a car all day 2 of the days will be hard…but I have got to at least place in the line of my FitBit friends!  10,000 plus steps a day…might have to do lots of stair climbing to get there!  Wish me luck!

One of my mentors and teachers writes in his book some steps for changing your life.  First one he talks about is “setting your intention”!  Sounds good, but really not so easy.  First you must clarify your personal goals…why are you on a journey to improve your health?  What are your main health concerns?  What is it you want to accomplish by becoming more focused on your health?  How much time are you willing to spend creating your personal plan?  How devoted are you to yourself to make this time and create this change?  Do you have a coach, or an accountability partner?    Start by unlearning old habits.  Give yourself permission to go slow.  Big changes are not required to make little changes that will add up to better choices for a lifetime!

Can’t wait to connect with you and share my passion!  Find me on FB, clove4health @ Facebook!  Check out my FB page….Imagine Fit!

WOW, so today I saw a time on the clock I haven’t seen for a very long time!  Had to set the alarm to wake me at 630AM!  I know!  Too early…but we a some snow and winds last night, I had to be somewhere by 830AM…so I got up!  It was very cold and windy when I finally stepped out the door.  And as I slipped and slided to the Mayor’s Breakfast to serve Biscuits and Gravy  ( courtesy of the Ft Knox OES #439), one thought was crossing my mind.  I AM SO GLAD I DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS EVERYDAY!

I was remembering some times I drove in worse snow to get to work.  Only to find no one else made it in, they must have all been smarter than me!  I was so very dedicated to my JOB.  There were those who said I bled blue!  And I probably did!  I felt working defined who I was.  After all I helped people all day…and always felt I was making a difference.  And that is and has always been my life goal.  Make a Difference in someone’s life!  But like all things that you are not in control of…that JOB and the stress of it , found me quitting after 15 years and just before I was officially at the age I could draw a little on my pension!

And then I found my real passion…helping people, making a difference, making a difference that truly makes a difference!  My passion is sharing the wonder of healthy lifestyle choices.  Sharing a product that has made the difference in hundreds of thousands of people’s lives.  And made a huge difference for many of my closest friends and family.  A difference I can see, feel and experience.  And by sharing, I get to earn a living and choose when I do what and with whom I do it with!

That passion led to an even bolder passion…becoming a certified personal trainer!  And enrolling in classes for Health Coaching!  I am so excited to say that I feel like a make a difference everyday now.  There is not anyone I meet that I don’t feel I can support in their healthy life choices.  The good Lord has surely blessed me.

So do you have a passion?  Are you living that passion?  Do you make a difference daily?  Do you serve those you care about by supporting their healthy changes and choices?  How can I serve you?  How can I share with you what a difference making healthier choices can make in your life?  What is the number one choice you would like to change in your health?  Send me a message…I can not wait to make a difference for you in your life!

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