WOW, so today I saw a time on the clock I haven’t seen for a very long time!  Had to set the alarm to wake me at 630AM!  I know!  Too early…but we a some snow and winds last night, I had to be somewhere by 830AM…so I got up!  It was very cold and windy when I finally stepped out the door.  And as I slipped and slided to the Mayor’s Breakfast to serve Biscuits and Gravy  ( courtesy of the Ft Knox OES #439), one thought was crossing my mind.  I AM SO GLAD I DON’T HAVE TO DO THIS EVERYDAY!

I was remembering some times I drove in worse snow to get to work.  Only to find no one else made it in, they must have all been smarter than me!  I was so very dedicated to my JOB.  There were those who said I bled blue!  And I probably did!  I felt working defined who I was.  After all I helped people all day…and always felt I was making a difference.  And that is and has always been my life goal.  Make a Difference in someone’s life!  But like all things that you are not in control of…that JOB and the stress of it , found me quitting after 15 years and just before I was officially at the age I could draw a little on my pension!

And then I found my real passion…helping people, making a difference, making a difference that truly makes a difference!  My passion is sharing the wonder of healthy lifestyle choices.  Sharing a product that has made the difference in hundreds of thousands of people’s lives.  And made a huge difference for many of my closest friends and family.  A difference I can see, feel and experience.  And by sharing, I get to earn a living and choose when I do what and with whom I do it with!

That passion led to an even bolder passion…becoming a certified personal trainer!  And enrolling in classes for Health Coaching!  I am so excited to say that I feel like a make a difference everyday now.  There is not anyone I meet that I don’t feel I can support in their healthy life choices.  The good Lord has surely blessed me.

So do you have a passion?  Are you living that passion?  Do you make a difference daily?  Do you serve those you care about by supporting their healthy changes and choices?  How can I serve you?  How can I share with you what a difference making healthier choices can make in your life?  What is the number one choice you would like to change in your health?  Send me a message…I can not wait to make a difference for you in your life!