So I signed up for a new blog….Full Plate Living…nice site!  And they are diabetes specialists.  How did they know I was diabetic?  I am ..TYPE2!

I have spent several years working on getting mine under control.  Diet, exercise and working with a diabetes educator and of course my Juice…all made a big difference for me.  I was on 4 pills, and 2 shots a day of Byetta when I began this healthy journey.  Now just down to 1 pill twice a day, and hopefully that will change after my next blood tests.

I really liked how this blog addresses “what is diabetes?”  So I wanted to share their blog link …enjoy the learning and let me know how I can help you begin a healthy journey of your own to work on improving your numbers.  It is important…you don’t want the side affects of poor control.  I watch my Grandmother pass away from diabetes complications, my Aunt from complications and my Great Grandmother also.  So do your self a favor….check out this blog and call me!


And don’t forget…comments and shares are always welcome!

Health is a vehicle, not a destination!

Health is a vehicle, not a destination!  Do you agree?  What do you see as health?  Good health?  Do you have it now?  Are you working on getting it? What does it look like?  Why do you want to be healthy?  How would your life change if you were healthy, and why do you think your not?  What steps are taking right now?

All those above are things someone said to me once!  When I was not in a healthy place in my life.  I thought I was healthy, or rather as healthy as I could be for my “age”!  But I soon realized my age had nothing to do with it.  But my attitude about health did!  I was just like many of you…if I take a pill and it makes me feel better…I am healthy!  Right?

Over the last 4 years I have learned so much about health.  I have learned that it is not about the pills, not about the scale, more about the fit of my clothes and the absence of pills!  I took 7 pills to fix all the health issues that I had….and I did seriously believe as long as my issues were in control with a pill, I was good!  Then came all those questions?

I began to eliminate things from my life…stress, or how I managed it!  Toxins…what did I slather all over my skin in the hopes of maintaining my looks!  Yes, weight, and a change in pants size!  But  I also changed my outlook about life, my relationships with family and friends, my relationship with God, my self satisfaction, my career, my passions!  And I can say now I am healthy!  Are you in that happy, healthy place?  If you are not, I would love to help direct some changes in your life that may make a huge difference.  Please allow me to serve you, allow me to be of service for you…just let me know how you see health!

Oh and remember…comments are always appreciated,

How was your last few days? Check out mine!

WOW, its been a few days since I added to this!  Let me just say that Monday started out just like any other Monday…talked to some new friends, sent some emails, went to the gym…Tuesday was my normal Tuesday too!  THEN Wednesday started out great, took some XALO Ageless Samples to a friend along with some Juice ( he has been having Back Pain forever…and finally agreed to try!)  and then I started for home! That’s when I got a call that was horrifying…one of my great friends whose husband in in FL learning to be an RV mechanic…was robbed and shot in the head….he was extremely blessed and the 17 yr old Boy missed at point blank range and grazed his head…cracking his skull!  Not that that is not horrible enough, but the real scary part…he was SKYPING with his wife here when it happened!!!  She saw him fall over, heard the robber tell him he was going to shoot him, heard the shot and then saw all the blood!    Prayers flew all over town for him…and in 3 hrs we knew he was fine and she was preparing to fly to be with him.  SO, why do I tell you this story…well, all he asks for now is prayers for the young man who did this.  He was the 5th victim that day from this young man.  Please add this to your prayers today!

This is a young man with no direction, probably with no alternatives, probably with a large lack of focus and attention…do you agree?  I believe that all young men deserve a chance to live a life that is happy, blessed and loved.  Check out this video  Mom and Son Relationship for a look at developing a great  Mom and Son relationship…think about your sons, and how they grew up….then I ask that you too pray or give your blessings to this wayward young man. 

On a brighter note…got to meet my new Little today!  I am a Big Sister and have been unmatched for almost a year….excited to begin another relationship with a young woman and hopefully make a difference in her life.  If you have a few hours extra a month…consider becoming a Big Sister or Big Brother!  You can learn all about it here…BBBSKY !  There are many kiddos waiting and you can really have an impact on a young life.  Maybe even one that would have changed the outcome of the young man mentioned above.  Just look into it!

I am excited today!  And I am scared …check out the pic of what I got today!  I started a journey 4 years ago to re-invent myself.  To change my future by improving my health one step at a time.  This journey has taken back to my first passion…movement…as in exercise.  I danced for many, many years!  Ballet, Tap and Jazz were my favorites…nothing like some of the dancers I see today on my favorite show…So You Think You Can Dance!  But for that time, I was always dancing!  And when I married in 1979 and moved to TX with my Army husband, I couldn’t find a ballet school I wanted to go to.  That’s when I discovered Fitness Clubs!  And Aerobic Dancing…some of you may remember Jackie Sorenson!  Or maybe not!  I changed my focus from just dancing to teaching dance as exercise.  I taught then for several years in Germany and in KS after that.

So along came to amazing sons, t, and found hen a full time J.O.B., entered the corporate banking world !  And my passion and “first” love became too hard to fit in.  Have you ever said that to yourself?  “Too hard” to fit in consistent daily movement….we all say it!  And we use that as the mantra for why we are slowly creeping up in weight, why those jeans must have shrunk in dryer, why we have no energy!  And the business of life has us eating while driving a lot!  And then life happens to change…your health isn’t what it used to be, You don’t like looking in the mirror, shopping for clothes, “eek” wearing a bathing suit!  I have been there!

In 2009 that all changed for me…I found that I had to change my lifestyle to get my life and health back.  And I started searching and reading and trying all kinds of things.  That’s when I found XANGO and began to find my health again.  Weight lightened, jeans fit better, more energy was mine AND then I felt comfortable going back to the gym (fitness center) again!  And the more I did, the more I knew I had to teach again and share all I had learned on my journey!  And this past week I did it…finished the study and became a Certified Personal Trainer!

AND soon I will teach again!  I will pray that I am a good example to others who are where I was.  Be an example to others who have been making excuses.  No now seriously…I am not “thin” by the current       standards…but I am healthy and I am happy!  Isn’t that really what we all want to be…healthy and happy!  
So here goes…at 57 I am re-writing my future!  
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