WOW, its been a few days since I added to this!  Let me just say that Monday started out just like any other Monday…talked to some new friends, sent some emails, went to the gym…Tuesday was my normal Tuesday too!  THEN Wednesday started out great, took some XALO Ageless Samples to a friend along with some Juice ( he has been having Back Pain forever…and finally agreed to try!)  and then I started for home! That’s when I got a call that was horrifying…one of my great friends whose husband in in FL learning to be an RV mechanic…was robbed and shot in the head….he was extremely blessed and the 17 yr old Boy missed at point blank range and grazed his head…cracking his skull!  Not that that is not horrible enough, but the real scary part…he was SKYPING with his wife here when it happened!!!  She saw him fall over, heard the robber tell him he was going to shoot him, heard the shot and then saw all the blood!    Prayers flew all over town for him…and in 3 hrs we knew he was fine and she was preparing to fly to be with him.  SO, why do I tell you this story…well, all he asks for now is prayers for the young man who did this.  He was the 5th victim that day from this young man.  Please add this to your prayers today!

This is a young man with no direction, probably with no alternatives, probably with a large lack of focus and attention…do you agree?  I believe that all young men deserve a chance to live a life that is happy, blessed and loved.  Check out this video  Mom and Son Relationship for a look at developing a great  Mom and Son relationship…think about your sons, and how they grew up….then I ask that you too pray or give your blessings to this wayward young man. 

On a brighter note…got to meet my new Little today!  I am a Big Sister and have been unmatched for almost a year….excited to begin another relationship with a young woman and hopefully make a difference in her life.  If you have a few hours extra a month…consider becoming a Big Sister or Big Brother!  You can learn all about it here…BBBSKY !  There are many kiddos waiting and you can really have an impact on a young life.  Maybe even one that would have changed the outcome of the young man mentioned above.  Just look into it!