Health is a vehicle, not a destination!  Do you agree?  What do you see as health?  Good health?  Do you have it now?  Are you working on getting it? What does it look like?  Why do you want to be healthy?  How would your life change if you were healthy, and why do you think your not?  What steps are taking right now?

All those above are things someone said to me once!  When I was not in a healthy place in my life.  I thought I was healthy, or rather as healthy as I could be for my “age”!  But I soon realized my age had nothing to do with it.  But my attitude about health did!  I was just like many of you…if I take a pill and it makes me feel better…I am healthy!  Right?

Over the last 4 years I have learned so much about health.  I have learned that it is not about the pills, not about the scale, more about the fit of my clothes and the absence of pills!  I took 7 pills to fix all the health issues that I had….and I did seriously believe as long as my issues were in control with a pill, I was good!  Then came all those questions?

I began to eliminate things from my life…stress, or how I managed it!  Toxins…what did I slather all over my skin in the hopes of maintaining my looks!  Yes, weight, and a change in pants size!  But  I also changed my outlook about life, my relationships with family and friends, my relationship with God, my self satisfaction, my career, my passions!  And I can say now I am healthy!  Are you in that happy, healthy place?  If you are not, I would love to help direct some changes in your life that may make a huge difference.  Please allow me to serve you, allow me to be of service for you…just let me know how you see health!

Oh and remember…comments are always appreciated,