So I signed up for a new blog….Full Plate Living…nice site!  And they are diabetes specialists.  How did they know I was diabetic?  I am ..TYPE2!

I have spent several years working on getting mine under control.  Diet, exercise and working with a diabetes educator and of course my Juice…all made a big difference for me.  I was on 4 pills, and 2 shots a day of Byetta when I began this healthy journey.  Now just down to 1 pill twice a day, and hopefully that will change after my next blood tests.

I really liked how this blog addresses “what is diabetes?”  So I wanted to share their blog link …enjoy the learning and let me know how I can help you begin a healthy journey of your own to work on improving your numbers.  It is important…you don’t want the side affects of poor control.  I watch my Grandmother pass away from diabetes complications, my Aunt from complications and my Great Grandmother also.  So do your self a favor….check out this blog and call me!

And don’t forget…comments and shares are always welcome!