Hi!  So it’s been a few days!  I have been so busy and today all the studying and listening and lectures comes together!  You may know I am a student at Integrative Nutrition.  You can check it out here!  But today – is our first TEST!  And then the Health Coaching begins in practice!  So looking forward to that step…one step closer to becoming an Holistic Health Coach!  
So you may ask why a health coach?  What’s that all about?  Well the definition is not really simple but it is effective, for my purposes.  You see I let my health and the health of those I love and care about get down.  I chose to ignore my health while working full time, raising 2 amazing boys and being the primary caregiver to my Mother through her Alzheimer’s Journey! I relied on the Medical Doctors to control my health and future and I did not do the things I knew to do for a very long time.  AND I had to wait until I bottomed in that area to create change in my life.  I had the benefit of many mentors on my health journey and an amazing array of products that supported me.  But not everyone has that opportunity or wants to even take a look.  I felt I needed to learn more and see how nutrition could play an even bigger role.  SO…now I am on that journey and I can not wait to share and mentor others.  
Step one on that path….education!  So join me on April 7th at SNAP Fitness in Radcliff for a conversation about labels!  What’s really in there and why is it important?  Check it out!


So I will be bold and say my age….57!  I am concerned with aging…are you?  What do you think about when I say Aging?  Lines, Wrinkles, Cremes, Potions?  Do you think of aging from the inside out or just the outside? Is there something you can do to age gracefully?  I know I am aging…we all are…years add up…but we can choose to Age Gracefully!

Here’s some information from a physicians point of view!

Can You Age Better?

It is my SECRET WEAPON!  It can be yours too!


Do you read labels?  The ingredients are important…what do you look for?  The breakdown of carbs, sugars, fats, proteins….that’s important too!  And the most important I think…SERVING SIZE!  When you buy a bag or box of something, do you look to see how much you should be eating in a serving?  Next time you eat a cold cereal for breakfast pour your normal bowl…then before you add milk, measure what’s in there!  Is it a serving?  Or more than a serving?  Now add your milk, does the amount you add match a serving?  One of the most important things about changing your lifestyle in the journey of getting healthy or healthier is being aware!  JOIN ME if you are local!

WOW…GOOGLE is the bomb!

Well, I am a self confessed non-techy person!  Heck getting this blog up took months and a great learning curve!  BUT today I got a chance to see what GOOGLE can do for your business!  The Radcliff Small Business Alliance (https://www.radcliffsba.com/ ) hosted a GOOGLE Business Training courtesy of RSBA Member Joe and Michelle Harmon of  911 Tech Express (https://www.911expresstech.com/) !  Lots of great info!  I am so excited about getting my business listed on GOOGLE ( just have to wait for my verification)!  AND the cool thing about the training is we were all shown how to find fellow members and give a review on their services we have used!  Priceless training on how to get your business recognized and for FREE!  Are you a Small Business in Radcliff, KY?  You should be a member of Radcliff Small Business Alliance!  Doing great things for your business is their goal…supporting you with lots of member support in so many areas!  Check it out!  And be watching…if you have worked with me in the past…I will very soon be sharing my business page on GOOGLE and would love to get your reviews!  A big thank you to the Alliance for putting this together and to Joe and Michelle and staff for helping us gain this edge!

Pharmacy in your Kitchen….Seriously!

Pharmacy in your Kitchen….Seriously!

While searching for some info on line today…I ran across this article!
I found the information to be great and saw my kitchen in some of these items.
What is your first line of defense for a cold, for aches and pains, for just overall wanting to feel good?
 Here’s to hoping you will find some good info here!


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