Hi!  So it’s been a few days!  I have been so busy and today all the studying and listening and lectures comes together!  You may know I am a student at Integrative Nutrition.  You can check it out here!  But today – is our first TEST!  And then the Health Coaching begins in practice!  So looking forward to that step…one step closer to becoming an Holistic Health Coach!  
So you may ask why a health coach?  What’s that all about?  Well the definition is not really simple but it is effective, for my purposes.  You see I let my health and the health of those I love and care about get down.  I chose to ignore my health while working full time, raising 2 amazing boys and being the primary caregiver to my Mother through her Alzheimer’s Journey! I relied on the Medical Doctors to control my health and future and I did not do the things I knew to do for a very long time.  AND I had to wait until I bottomed in that area to create change in my life.  I had the benefit of many mentors on my health journey and an amazing array of products that supported me.  But not everyone has that opportunity or wants to even take a look.  I felt I needed to learn more and see how nutrition could play an even bigger role.  SO…now I am on that journey and I can not wait to share and mentor others.  
Step one on that path….education!  So join me on April 7th at SNAP Fitness in Radcliff for a conversation about labels!  What’s really in there and why is it important?  Check it out!