Well, it has been a long time since I posted…been very busy!  Blessed to have been able to spend a few days in the Nashville area helping out a friend!  Life is good when I can create my own schedule and time for things that matter most!

And today…well, I got all caught up on some training Modules… Did some taxes for a friend…and did my grocery shopping!  Dave went and I educated him on the Fooducate App.  Fun, fun! 

But the best part was to be able to make a little difference in someone’s life and health!  You know me, well, some of you do!  And I just find it so hard to watch someone pick up a product they think is healthy and good and not open my big mouth!  Luckily both beautiful women I met today were not taken aback by my boldness!  So shared some basic info, shared my blog and feel like I made a difference.  That’s the best part of Health Coaching! 

So also thinking about the subject for my next class at SNAP in Radcliff?  I am thinking maybe a discussion of what is GMO and why is it not something we need in our bodies.  What do you think? 

I will be posting about that class soon!  In the mean time, thanks for stopping by!  Oh and for one young woman I spoke to today…check out this RELOAD, and let me know if your girls liked the taste?

And the other lovely woman I met….check out this article…Whey vs. Soy for Weight Loss.  And if you are needing some great protein…let me know!