FLC Syndrome!  
You have heard of the CRS Disease…my husband claims he has that.  Well, I believe so many of also have the FLC Syndrome.Feel- Like- Crap Syndrome!  

Here are some of the testimonials from the first one!

” Hi everyone. I was pretty skeptical about this plan at first but needed to loose weight desperately and quickly. So I gave it a try. For me, emotions were the hardest part. (Just part of the detox program). Hang in there. I really didn’t think my body had changed much since I started except for loosing 9# and 5″. I have had one hip replacement and two knee replacements all with in one year. I use a cane because of a wobble from the hip surgery. I am having the other hip replaced in June. Couldn’t go anywhere without my cane lately. Not even in the house. Last night(day 10 of the detox) I got up out of my chair and walked all around without my cane. The wobble was so much better. Then I pulled my leg across the knee to put shoes and socks on. I did it! In fact my heal reached the top of my leg. Haven’t been able to do this since December. I thought I was dreaming or it was just a fluke. It isn’t. Still feeling a lot less painful and more steady today. Will watch carefully over the next couple of weeks while adding foods back in to see what caused all the inflammation. Stay with the program and eat according to the plan. It’s all worth it.” ( and her bonus – about 10#’s removed!)

“Good morning. Just returned from my weekly weigh i at WW. I knew I would lose much with being heavier, I usually do when I”m back on track but 9.6 pounds lost? YAAA MEEE! Funny part though is the lecturer told me to go out and enjoy the day, eat something I haven’t this week. No, Yes, I want to lose weight but I”m doing this for my health. I’m trying to think of food as my medicine instead of all the meds. I’m taking. I want off of them and to enjoy my life with less aches and pains. As for by BS this morning Cheryl, it was 83. That’s after a day of 50% less of one of my meds. Double YAAAA MEEEE! Now, off to Pitts with me to Car shop and a trip to Whole Foods and Costco’s. I’ll check in later. Everyone have a great day.”

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