SO I get these questions all the time.  How long does it last?  Is this any good after the “Use By” date? What exactly is a “Sell By” date?  Well I thought it was time to discuss!  And clear this up…we throw away way to much food due to the confusion!

“Use By” date – this is determined by a manufacturer, it is the last day for guaranteed producer’s peak quality.  BUT that does not mean is is no good to use…it is normally OK for a few days.  
“Sell by” date – this date is merely dealing with shelf life!  What is the last day a store should display a product.   Foods are still safe to eat several days after this date.
“Expiration” date – this is the ONLY date that truly means…throw it out!  This is related to “food safety”.  Don’t take a chance…get rid of it!
and then there’s…

“Best if Used By” – this means the product will be the freshest by then and will have the best taste and texture…again doesn’t mean it is bad, but it could be!  
SO common sense rules…if it smells, slimy, changes to a suspicious color…toss it in the trash!  
” How long does it last?”  Check it out…one I always get asked about..
 EGGS – 3-5 weeks after purchase!
 FRESH MEAT/ FRESH FISH – 1-2 days after purchase ( unless frozen)
NOT SURPRISING – packaged foods and canned goods – usually indefinitely…but always check…gee..
see why I don’t recommend that!  
What does it do in our bodies if it is “safe” for a long, long time?  I believe that has been one of the biggest contributors to the “health” state of many of us! 
 I know switching to fresh food and eliminating boxes 
changed my life!
Lots of other great storage tips….just ask me!  
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 This information was gathered from the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute….a great share by their registered dietitian and wellness manager…Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, LD