So I got that question this week?  Or rather that comment…
I do hear things along this line often…
So first you have to really think about why you bought that! Was it a mind connection to an emotion?  
A throwback to your Girl Scout years
 and your love of “Thin Mints”
 And if you immediately question your choice..
thinking I should not drink this…
here’s a short reason why!

A little research from a temptation today! Let’s start with –
 it is 2 servings…most people drink the whole thing…
so in your mind double the calories and sugar…so that would be 48 gm of sugar = 12 teaspoons of sugar.
 And what is 
“processed with alkali” 
Processing chocolate with alkali is known as the
 “Dutch method.”
Take note: any chocolate product labeled “Dutch chocolate” is not making reference to the cocoa beans’ origin, but rather to this very processing technique!
The purpose of treating cocoa with an alkalizing agent?
 To remove its bitter taste and infuse it with a 
darker and more uniform color.
The trade-off?
Cocoa beans processed with alkali
 loses the flavonoids and antioxidants 
found in raw cocoa nibs or 
very dark chocolate (think 85% cocoa). 

So see how very important it is to read labels and
 know your ingredients…
can a little flavored milk hurt…you tell me
 Is it worth the immediate pleasure?
  Or are you ready to walk at a moderate pace for 1 hr…
YES –  1 hr to work that sugar off!  
Great decisions are the basis of health! 
 Can’t wait to share more!