6Weeks Sofa to Sensational!

You need to
exercise.  I need to exercise.  I moved ahead to write this chapter
because I have a struggle with myself when I am working on too many exciting things
and that is to leave my time in for exercise and fitness.  Luckily I have
a great workout partner for 3 days a week, but seriously if she cancels…it’s
hard to go alone! BUT, the problem is, once you quit moving so do our
endorphins and it gets a little depressing. No depression wanted here, what
about you?

#1 Make time…no matter how busy…make the

We think we don’t
have time but actually we do.  I have found in my experience, the more
time I make to move my body the more time I have in the day.  Funny how
that works! I think it is because I have more energy and I am sure that
endorphins have something to do with it as well.  The truth is, the more you move, the more active you become! And I know
we are all busy, but there are so many ways to squeeze in a little time. 

#2 Find something you love to do!

You need to do
something you love.  It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you do
it.  I love to dance and I love to strength train with bodyweight
exercises.  I know it sounds funny, but I get a thrill being able to enjoy
my “me” time and having others with me and I love how it makes me look. Not
just in my body, but in my SMILE! 
Do you love a BOOTCAMP?  What comes to mind when you here that
word?  TOO MUCH WORK, I WILL SWEAT TOO MUCH, I DON”T THINK I CAN DO IT?  All those things have been in my thoughts
before! But what is a BOOTCAMP
Seriously…it is defined as “Bootcamp is a group exercise program packed
with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach a fitness
goal.  Often run outdoors in the fresh
air.” Or “a training style camp for military recruits”?  Which brings up a good picture in your
mind?  I see a Bootcamp as a combination of exercise, learning, fellowship, accountability.

#3 Pair it with something you love!

You can even do things
you don’t love to do.  However, these are the hardest.  That is why
you need to pair it up with something you do love to do.  I know some of you who are
reading this know what I mean.  The thing that I am trying to say, is that
if you choose something you don’t like to do and have a higher purpose you
reach new heights of satisfaction you would never have known otherwise.
Experiment and find what is right for you.  Some people like to play.  If that is you then join a basketball
team or perhaps a volleyball team.  Sometimes if you pair it with being
social then it doesn’t feel like exercise.  Dance is exercise too! Pair it
with romance!

#4 Clarify what you want to achieve.

Do you want to
lose weight, de-stress, build strength, improve your golf game, rebuild your
knees?  If you need to get to the grocery store, you have 3 choices, walk,
ride your bike or drive.  If you want to rebuild your knees, you are not
going to pick lunges well that just doesn’t make sense.  If you can’t
figure it out, don’t be afraid to hire a professional trainer.  They have
been taught to know the things that you do not.  They know what you can do
that will best achieve your goals.  You can hire them for one visit to
make a plan or you can hire them for a few to show you how or long term to
build on your success.

#5 Make
an appointment with yourself for exercise.

Schedule it into
your day.  The reason I say this is because, if you show up you will do it. SCHEDULE this into your calendar – APRIL
4th, 9AM SNAP Fitness, Radcliff
Latte Bootcamp
– coaching, movement and fun!

#6 Do your homework and know why you are
moving it and shaking it!

It helps to know
that if you don’t work out on a regular basis that you are going to be
sick.  Exercise prevents heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression,
osteoporosis and arthritis (just to name a few).  Exercise makes you
smarter (proven), leaner and healthier.  If that isn’t enough exercise gives you energy!

#8 Look for a mentor!

There are tons of
people out there who have done it.  Those are the people you want to
find.  They are also very willing to show you how to do it.  The secret is to find someone who is doing what you want to do and learn from themYou don’t have to do the same thing over and over because you can
learn new things and add it in to your old routines.  You can diversify.

#10 Exercise just like food, changes everything.