So it is confession time!  I have
a messy desk!  I am a paper person…have to print it
and file it and log it and keep it forever!  BUT I am a fairly
organized messy desk person…I know where everything is! 


I was reading an article this week
about this.  It was in the little SpryLiving paper that comes in with the
newspaper!  It was written by Scott Bea, PSYD, a Cleveland Clinic expert.
I tried to find a link for you, but I guess I will just have to tell you about
Someone asked the question:     
my cluttered desk keeping me from being productive?

He replied:  A person with a messy
workplace may just be busy and more engaged with their work than with clearing
the clutter. 
 – or
something close to that!  GREAT
– that sounds like me!

But wait: “A
study published in Psychological Science found that people with messy desks
were more likely to be more creative and produce new or
fresh ideas than those whose desks were neat.  On the flip
side, neat freaks were more likely to “do the right thing” like
making a charitable donation or eating a healthy diet”
Now just wait a doggone minute…I feel like I
always “do the right thing” and I eat a
“healthy diet”.  Creative…I don’t think so…I try not to
re-invent the wheel.  So which is right?
The article went on to say that messy desk or not, if you feel
you are not as productive as you would like to be, clearing your desk could
help.  AND they suggested a “desk – clearing” day on your
calendar each week.  BUT really, experts say the most important thing is
for your mind to feel uncluttered and if it isn’t then do something about it.
 (from an article on
I like the way he thinks or thought or

Either way – my desk is messy and sometimes it helps me get focused and
sometimes it clouds my mind.  In search for some solutions – I went to the
! And so I

First a trip to STAPLES for more files folders and hangers.  Must get that
paper off the desk and into files and organized so I know(for sure)where to find stuff!
 I will s
et aside 30 minutes two
to three times per week to sort through each of the baskets, review the
documents and take the appropriate action.

Accountability is key for me…so I have an accountability partner I will check
in with. Thanks Robin! AND I will schedule it in my calendar weekly!  

Do you have issues with messy desk?  What’s your best tip for clearing up
the clutter? Here’s another resource I found, and I will be watching!
 Check it out!

Can’t wait to hear from you on how you deal with messy desk,