Do you feel like you would “GO BROKE”
Organic food has become very popular with mom’s and  grandma’s all over. But finding your way in the  the myriad of organic food labels, benefits, and claims can be confusing. SO the question is – Is organic food really healthier? Do GMOs and pesticides lead to  cancer and other diseases? What does  the label mean? Are Farmer’s really being hurt by this.  This guide can help you make better choices about which organic foods are healthier for you and better for the environment, and how you can afford to incorporate more organic food into your diet.
This article gives some good points.  And if you have never watched the movie/documentary  FOOD,INC…it’s on Netflix or Amazon.   Or the documentary : Genetic Roulettte, watch a bit here.  So the questions still remains – will you GO BROKE only eating organic?  And the answer could be YES!  It’s pretty strange overall in our society when it is cheaper to buy a burger and fries and soda, than a salad!  Even when you know that salad is not organic…so I can see why people are confused.  
What’s a Mom to do?  Are there certain things we should always eat organic…yep!  Are the some things that may not matter?  Can you allocate your food budget and prepare healthier meals overall while choosing organic produce?  What are some tips for that?
Go ahead and grab this freebie booklet answering some of those questions.  And let me know if I can support Non-GMO or Organic choices for you.  AND be ready to FEEL awesome, once you clean some of that “junk” out of your system!