Recently I found a little calendar that had some amazing monthly pages!  I have to share one with you.(with a few add ins)
 Written by Suzy Toronto, the calendar is called “Always Color Outside the Lines”
Make Each Day Ridiculously Amazing!
I believe with all my heart that if I want to have an incredible day, it’s my responsibility to make it happen.  I need to convince myself that no matter what stands in my way,I am going to make it ridiculously amazing.
Believe me …I know that can be  tall order.
Some days just getting out of bed seems to trigger a chain of events that is pretty much as far from amazing as you can get.  (You know, it’s those mornings that start out like a washing machine on a spin cycle. And you can’t decide if the world is trying to kill you or make you stronger!)


But it really is up to me(and you) to how the rest of the day rolls out from there.  (Agreed?)
I force myself to put on a wacky smile (does make you feel better), even when it i not easy to do.  Because I believe attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure – it encourage me to play in the puddles rather than complain about the rain.
AND you know the best part?  An outlook like that is contagious! It spills over onto everyone and everything and floods your world with positive energy, making “amazing day” the new standard.
The bottom line is this:  When you change nothing, nothing will change! (how true is that!) But with a new attitude, you can really make a difference.  So don’t just “Have a nice day”  make is ridiculously AMAZING!
I totally want your days to be amazing!How do you make your days amazing? Leave a comment and share!