3 Ways To Control Your Appetite
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Is one of the
main reasons holding you back from healthy eating the fact that you’re worried
you’ll be hungry or “hangry”?
You’ve tried diets
and pills and potions maybe (and lasted about 2 days flat) because that hunger sets
in that makes you unable to function optimally, and to be honest, makes you quite
unpleasant to be around. Hangry!
Or you hate
prep and thinking about food all the time?
You’ve been there,
right? So have I.
Weight loss and
eating healthy does NOT have to mean you’ll be battling hunger 24/7. Here are 3
simple things you can do to control your appetite and re-train your body…

  • Don’t drink your calories. Simple concept, right? Focus on drinking
    water and not loading up on calories from soda or other sweet drinks.
  •  Eat slowly and chew your food well. Slowing down while eating helps you to
    eat less and enjoy your meal. Put your utensils down between each bite, and chew
    each bite thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Stop eating before you’re full. Training yourself to eat to satisfaction
    instead of eating until you’re about to pop will drastically change your relationship
    with food. Begin trying to stop eating when you feel satisfied, which will be much
    easier to gauge when you’re eating more slowly in Tip #2
    It’s about “eating mindfully”…making choices based on food as fuel and enjoying the food! There are tips and tricks to that!  Join me in the journey of mindful eating by getting your free E-book here! Take the next 7 days and expand your mindful eating journey!