Essential oils may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to hormone health but they can be a great way to keep things in check. Essential oils can have a few different benefits when it comes to balancing hormones, including reducing stress levels, promoting better sleep, supporting optimum hormone production and can even bring cravings into line (which can have a knock on effect on appetite and weight and indirectly affects hormone balance).


Some essential oils can help to balance hormone levels. These include:


  • Clary sage: Clary sage is a great essential oil for balancing estrogen levels. This can help with regulating your menstrual cycle and easing Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms. Dopamine is another hormone that can be increased by using clary sage. It’s also good for reducing stress levels, which are sometimes a culprit for hormone imbalances, and for reducing cortisol levels. According to studies, clary sage can bring down cortisol levels by as much as 36%.


  • Myrtle oil can help to balance thyroid hormones in particular. It’s also classed as an adaptogen that can help the body to change how it responds to stress.


  • Lavender: Lavender is well known for its relaxation benefits and is perfect for keeping stress in check so that it’s less likely to affect hormone health. It can also improve sleep (particularly deep, restorative sleep), which is also super important for hormone balance.


  • Thyme: Thyme helps to balance progesterone, a female sex hormone.


  • Geranium: Geranium can affect the release of hormones from the adrenal glands.


  • Neroli oil has been shown in studies to be a great choice for women during menopause. According to studies, inhaling it can bring relief from some menopause symptoms. It can also help with stress reduction.


  • Peppermint: It’s often associated with better digestion but peppermint can be super effective for curbing cravings that can lead to weight gain. Having even a bit of excess weight can increase estrogen levels as some estrogen is produced in fat cells. Keeping your appetite in check can avoid this and balance hormones.


How can you use essential oils to balance your hormones? One of the easiest ways to get the benefits is to use a diffuser. Just add a couple of drops of your chosen oils to a diffuser and let the molecules permeate the room. You can also add a few drops to an aromatherapy bath or just inhale the scents.