Depending on where you live, things are opening back up again. And in some places, they’re tightening back down. Even if your favorite places are up and running, you might not feel compelled to dine out like you usually would on a date night. It’s ok to admit, I have done only take -out so far.

Even if we aren’t free to roam as we like, it’s still entirely possible to have fun date nights at home.


Instead of waiting until all of this is over to start date nights back up again, we have five healthy date-night-at-home ideas to have a safe, fun, and healthy night at home.


1. Order something different for take-out

Try a restaurant you haven’t tried before and order take-out for dinner at home. Look for a locally-owned restaurant nearby that makes something healthy. Mediterranean dishes from the Greek or Turkish restaurant are a unique, flavorful, and healthful way to spice up your life. They taste indulgent but are filled with good-for-you ingredients.


2. Cook a 3-course meal together

It’s one thing to set dinner on the table each night. When you cook it together and plan courses, it takes on a fancier feel. Plan the meal together, making the soup or salad, main dish, and a healthy dessert. You’re in control of the ingredients that go in, so you know you’ll be in for a healthy, fancy dinner at home. You can use cauliflower as the base for a rich and creamy soup rather than a potato to lighten it up a bit, get fresh fish for the main, and make a berry galette for dessert.


3. Pull out the candles, battery operated if you’re like me and don’t burn candles much any more.

Whether you’re having take-out or cooking the meal together, make sure you pull out your most elegant candles and light them up. Turn out the rest of the lights for a lovely and romantic atmosphere.



4. Don’t forget the music

If you think something is missing, it’s got to be music. When you go out to eat, they always have something playing in the background. Whether you choose Beethoven or smooth Jazz, put on something that makes you both happy. In my house that would be country!


5. Make sure you interact

Even before the pandemic, the problem is that so many of us tend to hunker down with our partners and not interact. We put on a movie, maybe pour some wine, and call it a night. Shake things up! Put on music you can dance to and make your living room your dance floor. If you have a yard, get out there and play mini-golf or bocce ball.

Swimming under the stars is romantic too if you have your own pool. And if the weather is inclement, trot out some of those board games like Scrabble or Boggle to engage your minds.


By blending healthy foods with healthy activities, you can have an enjoyable and memorable healthy date-night-in, whether you’re newly dating or married for a decade or more!