For most of us, this summer is a strange time. We likely dreamed up our summer vacation while we were cooped up in the cold winter months. Instead, there’s a pandemic causing many far-and-away vacations and cruises to be canceled. That doesn’t mean you can’t go exploring somewhere a little closer to home though — like somewhere in your own town or state.


If you’re worried about staying healthy when you leave your house, here are 7 hacks to keep up good health while you have a socially-distanced outing.


1. Plan ahead

Maybe your old road trips involved winging it. With COVID-19 all around, that’s not such a good idea anymore. Look up some beautiful and secluded nature spots around your town you’ve meant to explore and make a list of places you’d like to visit over the coming months. As the leaves start changing in a few months, being outside in nature will be the perfect place to be!


2. Focus on being outdoors for your activities

Look for national parks and outdoor landmarks to explore. Avoid being indoors for long periods with others that aren’t in your household. The great outdoors, away from crowds or anyone you do not live with is the perfect equation during these times.


3. Stay hydrated

A dehydrated body is more prone to any illness. Make sure you and your family are consuming enough fresh water. You can also pack oranges and tangerines, which are easy to eat in the car, hydrating, and naturally give you vitamin C.


4. Consider different accommodations

Minimizing contact with others is essential during this time. Instead of staying at your favorite beach resort, try something new this year and go camping! Or Glamping – I prefer this one.

You won’t have to worry about wiping down things in the wild, and you likely won’t even come across another human. Again, with the weather starting to cool off soon, this could be a great overnight trip to enjoy.



5. Make every meal nutritious

Reducing contact with others and avoiding confined spaces will help, but bolstering your own health is also essential. When your immunity is strong, it’s much harder for you to get sick even when faced with germs. Bring healthy foods to cook while camping or look for restaurants that serve fresh meals made with lots of vegetables that you can order to-go and take with you.


6. Take probiotics and supplements

Supplements like a good multi-vitamin can give you the vitamins and minerals you might miss out on, even if you eat mostly healthy meals. By keeping these in balance, you reduce your chances of illness. Probiotics help by keeping your gut populated with healthy bacteria. Make sure you eat enough fiber( prebiotic) to nourish them, though. Packing fruits like apples will help with that.


7. Always keep on top of hygiene

Now more than ever, we must be mindful of the things we touch. Keep disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer with you everywhere you go. Please wash your hands often and watch where you put them, specifically your face. This will prevent spreading germs into your body, giving you the best defense to keep the germs at bay.


Isolation from the pandemic isn’t healthy either. By getting out of your home and going somewhere safe, you can still enjoy your summer while still staying safe. Hit reply and let me know where you plan on adventuring to in your town, I’d love to see pictures, too!