As the seasons change, our moods tend to shift, as well. Some people welcome autumn, while others mourn the end of summer. It’s not just seasons changing though — we’re changing too. Especially with all we’ve been through this year, it’s especially important to give yourself extra grace during this shift into the next season.

Growth is essential with every stage to enhance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. With the way this year has been, these quick tips will help you ease from summer to fall in the most positive way. Reflecting on the positives and releasing negativity is always an excellent way to move forward from one season to the next.


Ponder your spring and summer seasons

It’s the perfect time to look back over your spring and summer months to reflect. Again, these months have likely been not what you had planned or hoped for, and it’s okay to acknowledge how tough that has been. If you journal, use this time to journal out your thoughts and take stock of how this year has been so far. Lastly, spend some time journaling how you want things to be different in the upcoming autumn months. What do you hope to shift, how do you want to feel and what will you do to help make that happen — even if current circumstances continue?


Hover over gratitude

When the change of seasons gets you down, think about the things you are grateful for. Gratitude positively rewires the brain, and it’s such a simple task that makes a huge difference. Make a list of those positive things you’re grateful for and keep it handy when you feel like you’re having a hard day. Making gratitude a daily practice can help engrain this into your mind daily — I recommend making a gratitude list of 3 things you’re grateful for each day.



Target your balance

It’s easy to become more outwardly focused on the energetic vibe of the summer. Well, maybe a bit harder this year. Once that energy starts to wane, and the weather turns crisp, autumn forces us to turn inward. When you see this shift, try to ease into it and bring balance from those extroverted seasons into these more introverted ones.


Get ready to release negativity.

In nature, autumn is where crops are harvested, trees lose leaves, and things come to an end (for a season).I know you can all think of some things you would like to see an end to this fall. This shift clears the way for new growth, and in your own life, you should view this as a time to clear out negativity. Whatever wasn’t serving you well from old habits and patterns to relationships and career, let it go and move forward to positive ways of living.


The best time for your self’s evolution is when the seasons change, especially as you ease from summer into fall. Use this seasonal change as inspiration to free up your positivity. Instead of dreading the colder weather, look forward to the beauty this season to get the most out of your personal growth.