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My journey of a lifetime began just a bit after my 50th birthday! I was good?…I was healthy?…I was medicine dependent for my diabetes, my high blood pressure, my acid reflux, my stress/depression…my high cholesterol…but that’s healthy, right? Are you there? I thought that’s why we have doctors…and don’t get me wrong they are needed, but please just give me another pill so I don’t have to think about the fact that I am overweight – actually obese, my hormones are a mess and I do not eat right.  I can’t zip my last size of jeans, unless I suck it in or lay on the bed..AND  I refuse to go up another size! (so I went to elastic waist pants and yoga pants)  Can you imagine that?  Over stressed, been there!  I had a very limited food intake because everything made me sick at my stomach. (tea and toast for dinner anyone?) Just take a pill to get through the work day and take care of my family and Mom. Can you relate? Well, after all, I was 50, that’s old! Right?  Ever feel that way? I hope not, because it was not fun.

But we do sometimes think of all those excuses, right? It’s not just me is it?

So what happened! Mom passed away, work was even more stressful, husband diagnosed with cancer, Dad passed away from cancer, Aunt ended up hospitalized with complications from a surgical error and never recovered, sister in law fell down stairs and broke her back! WOW! And all this after taking care of Mom with her Alzheimer’s for almost 6 yrs…WHY ME?

And that is what I thought…WHY ME? Then I changed that thought to WHY NOT ME?

And what can I do to make sure none of those things happen to me! I hired a Health Coach, tried new foods, added new exercise consistently, and added some amazing supplements…trusted in the journey…but finally I felt healthy… (and no I am not perfect and never will be), but about 65 pounds lighter… and full of energy!  

Everyone kept asking – how did you do it?  So… I went back to school!

My training comes from Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  Studying over 150 different dietary theories was mind boggling, but the skills I learned were amazing.  I went on the become a Certified Personal Trainer and a certified Weight Management Specialist.  I joined with a dietitian to learn Fitness Nutrition and meal planning and offer that as a part of my program.  

Imagine Fit ~Intentionally Created is my heart! A healthy lifestyle for me means “Healthier eating…better choices, proper movement – designed for me, & supplementing wisely” and overall satisfaction in knowing you are moving in the direction of total wellness! This is what I have now!  And my Passion is supporting you as we create your healthy journey…together!

Have you tried it all?

I have a passion for sharing WELLNESS. And whatever that means in your life is the journey we take, together!  Jump on in…leave me message here!

What is A Health Coach?

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