You want to feel energized in the afternoon? 

You want to get back in your last jean size?

You want to feel good about yourself again and feel positive when you look in the miror? 

You want to stop the negative self talk?  YOU CAN!

What if there was a way to do it and be guided every step of the way? Having a Health Coach might be for you.  It was for me! Keep Reading to learn more!



Me at 50 vs 58

My journey of a lifetime began just a bit after my 50th birthday! I was good?…I was healthy?…I was medicine dependent for my diabetes, my high blood pressure, my acid reflux, my stress/depression…my high cholesterol…but that’s healthy, right? That’s why we have doctors…and don’t get me wrong they are needed, but just give me another pill so I don’t have to think about the fact that I am overweight – actually obese for my short stature. That I am over stressed and hormonal! That I have a very limited diet because everything makes me sick at my stomach. That I have to take a pill to get through the work day and taking care of family and Mom. That, after all, I am 50, that’s old! Right?  Ever feel that way? I hope not, because it was not fun.

But we do sometimes think of all those excuses, right? It’s not just me is it!

So what happened! Mom passed away, work was even more stressful, husband diagnosed with cancer, Dad passed away from cancer, Aunt ended up hospitalized with complications from a surgical error and never recovered, sister in law fell down stairs and broke her back! WOW! And all this after taking care of Mom with her Alzheimer’s for almost 6 yrs…WHY ME?

And that is what I thought…WHY ME? Then I changed that thought to WHY NOT ME? 

And what can I do to make sure none of those things happen to me! I had a Health Coach, new foods, new exercise, adding supplements…trusting…but finally I felt healthy… (no I am not perfect and never will be), but about 50 pounds lighter…full of energy!  

Then, I found out my Health Coach was an Integrative Nutrition Coach.  So… I went back to school.

My training comes from Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  Studying over 150 different dietary theories was mind boggling, but the skills I learned were amazing.  I went on the become a Certified Personal Trainer and a certified Weight Management Specialist.  I joined with a dietitian to learn Fitness Nutrition and offer that as a part of my program.  

Imagine Fit ~Intentionally Created is my heart! A healthier lifestyle, healthier eating, proper movement, supplementing wisely and overall satisfaction in knowing you are moving in the direction of total wellness! This is what I have now!

Have you tried it all? 

I have a passion for sharing WELLNESS. And whatever that means in your life is the journey for we take, together!  Jump on in…leave me message here!


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