Workshops and Seminars

Let’s face it…  Lifestyle change is the key to being your best YOU! Mindful eating works…choosing intentionally! Being healthy or healthier is the total package. Education is the key that unlocks your empowerment to make better choices.  And understand why! As a Health Coach and Personal Trainer, I love to educate you with workshops and seminars. I support you to find the most effective tools to enhance your health and fitness journey. Whether in your community group, your church group or your business…. having choices about the education you provide to your members and employees is always a plus.

Group Coaching/education …speaking and teaching is a passion! Do you have a group of friends who you love to spend time with?  Or maybe a group you would love to spend more time with?  Let me know is any of the following seminars sound fun! Workshops can be in person or ZOOM Classroom!

Utilizing an interactive, informative, and fun approach to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment. These workshops allow participants to engage in discussion and interact with other attendees through various exercises and brainstorming. Participants also receive valuable information to take with them, furthering their knowledge after the workshop. Workshops/seminars can be delivered in person or through a digital conference call.

Benefits to Community/ Employees/ Clients:

Educating your community about healthy food and lifestyle choices, stress reduction, exercise and eating for sustained energy can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved nutrition knowledge and healthier eating habit
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Fewer food cravings
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Increased daily satisfaction Improved overall health


 Workshops Available:

“Simple Steps to be Healthy at Work” Keynote Talk or Wellness Workshop

Workshop Description:  This workshop will inspire you to create a healthier life at work. Whether you sit at your desk during most of your workday or are out socializing with clients, this workshop will give you essential strategies for good health in your work environment, from healthy snacks to healthy travel .


“Detox Your Body For Beginners” Wellness Workshop

Workshop Description: If you have never done a detox before and wondering if you should, then this class is for you. Learn why detoxing matters, how to tell if you need a detox and how you can fit it into your busy schedule. Will review the mistakes most detox beginner’s make (that you can avoid!) and how to choose the detox that’s right for YOU and your body.


“Eating for Energy: Fuel for Your Day” Wellness Workshop

Workshop Description:  What would your life be like if you had an abundance of energy and vitality? Nourishment includes the food we eat as well as the choices we make in our lives. These choices can either energize us or drain us. We’ll discuss the difference and how to make the right choices. We’ll also examine bio-individuality and the relationship between sugar and mood swings.


“Healthy Aging: Living Better, Not Just Longer” Wellness Workshop

Workshop Description: Aging is a natural part of life. The good news is that research shows a strong link between a healthy diet and the prevention of age-related diseases. When we understand how food affects us, our lives can change. Exercise, healthy relationships, meditation, and fun are all essential for our bodies to stay youthful.  

“Kick Your Sugar Habit For Good!” Wellness Workshop

Workshop Description:  This workshop will inspire you to permanently change your relationship with sugar, and turn your life around through the power of healthy eating. Have you experienced the feeling that eating just a little sugar creates the desire for more? Like most Americans today, you may be addicted to sugar. This is an opportunity to finally control what you eat and drink, not through willpower or discipline but by understanding what causes those uncontrollable cravings — and knowing that you can reduce them naturally over time.

Interactive option:  Taste foods (ex. 85% dark chocolate, green juice and peanut butter without sugar, etc.)


“Stress Buster” Wellness Workshop

Workshop Description: Stress is now a part of hectic daily lives; it has almost become a status symbol, competing with each other on who is the most stressed. Joking aside chronic or on-going stress is dangerous affecting all of our organs and cells and leading to all sorts of health issues. The good news is that we can equip ourselves to better cope with and minimize the stress in our lives. This workshop will look at what stress does to our bodies but more importantly will take you through some steps to build resilience to ’bust that stress’ and to keep in optimum health.

Interactive option: Add a short meditation, an office chair yoga mini-class or both to this workshop. 


“Self-Care to Cope with Stress” Wellness Workshop

Workshop Description: Self-care is a practice that helps us limit the stresses and strains that we all encounter in daily life to achieve a more balanced and enhanced overall well-being. Taking time to re-charge ourselves practicing self-care daily, weekly and monthly is a secret weapon to being able to give freely of ourselves to others in our life. Just like we do on an airplane, we need to put on our own oxygen mask first before trying to help others. When we take the time to renew and replenish ourselves, our capacity for giving to others grows, so taking time for self-care isn’t selfish – it actually allows you to show up as your best version of yourself.