Let’s face it…diets don’t work!  Lifestyle change is the key to being your best YOU!  Mindfully eating works…intentionally! Being healthy or healthier is a total package.  As a Health Coach and Personal Trainer, I work personally with you to find the most effective tools to enhance your health and fitness journey.

One on One personalized coaching is always an advantage. It’s rare to get personalized attention to your goals.  Imagine what your life would be like if you had energy, clear thinking and stamina every day!

Group Coaching/education …speaking and teaching is a passion! Do you have a group of friends who you love to spend time with?  Or maybe a group you would love to spend more time with?  Let me know is any of the following seminars sound fun!

  • Simple Meal Planning

  • Labels – what’s in there really?

  • Supermarket Adventure!

  • Sugar Busters – break the habit now!

  • Eating with Intention – tips for emotional eaters!


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