My Mission

My mission is to create an atmosphere of support, accountability, education, and support for real life. I believe education and accountability are the keys to any change, and if you learn how to make the best choices for you, your body will become balanced. Balance creates harmony in your system and allows your body to release weight naturally. It creates an energy that is sustainable and a lifestyle that is perfectly yours.

I believe everybody’s journey is different and whatever you see as your journey as we move forward is what I desire to create for you.  Your journey may take the same path as others, but your results will be yours. For you are Intentionally Created!


Being Truthful and honest is my first and most important trait. While working with me you will get honesty in a loving, and direct manner.  

I live to serve and make a difference in your life. In all I have done and will do, making difference to one, then to many is my mantra.

I promise to always lead and direct in a style that serves your individual needs.


My style of coaching is to support you with manageable steps guiding you to optimal health. One step at a time. I believe education is the the best way to guiding you to deciding to make lasting changes in you life.

My recommendations may ask you to give up certain foods or habits.  Food may possibly be like a “poison” to your body. As Hippocrates said “Food IS medicine.” Sometimes in order to get to find balance and optimize your health, it will be necessary to make your own decisions and listen to your instincts. Finding “Your Healthy Journey” may make you uncomfortable at first. It’s very important to make your own decisions and listen to your instincts.

No one, including me, can make the decisions for you, not even your doctor. I believe you should always educate yourself and communicate with your doctor in the process. Please remember I am not a medical doctor, dietician, nor nutritionist. I do not hold a degree in medicine, dietetics, or nutrition. I make no claims to any specialized medical training, nor do I dispense medical advice or prescriptions. 

It’s sort of like I am going to ask you to “divorce” your current lifestyle, if you feel you can not do that, I am not the coach for you. I promise you that if you commit yourself, I am committed to you and you WILL see positive improvements. I promise that I will support you in “Your Healthy Journey” and be like the director of your new story. I am only the avenue for information, you get all the credit for doing the work.

Join others in our FB group, share your wins and your challenges, support others, and receive support and accountability in return. Join us here!

Community involvement supports healthy aging. When you participate in the community of other like minded people you may develop life-long friendships, your participation will make this membership fun and healthy all at the same time. And there is always expert help in the group as well. Think of it as spending time with friends!